Hello, I’m Mindy and welcome to my blog! I’ve been lucky to call South-East Asia my home for almost 8 years. While I love this region –  the food, the people, and of course the weather, it’s time to go back home to the UK and try to make a fresh start. By the end of 2018, I plan to be back in Blighty.

But how do I go about creating a new life for myself when: a) I don’t really want to go straight back into an office job, and b) I’m heading back to a high-cost area after years of earning Thailand-level salaries?

Over the years I’ve been following a number of inspirational bloggers, entrepreneurs and other amazing folk who have managed to break free from the status quo and design their own lives. It’s time to apply lessons learned from several years of voracious reading to help myself figure out how to eventually escape the dreaded 9-5.

This blog will be dedicated to tracking my progress in learning new skills, saving money, and exploring new ways of making money. I also plan to make the most of my final stretch in Bangkok and the broader Asia region – exploring new places, and visiting old favourites.

If you’d like to know more, read about: How my partner and I ended up in Bangkok in the first place, how I reconciled my strong social justice values with financial independence, and the steps I took to turn my finances around while earning a low income.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you follow me along my journey!