Month: November 2018

Asia on the cheap: Yogyakarta edition

Welcome to the sixth edition of Asia on the Cheap. After heading back into Southeast Asia via the Philippines, our next stop was Yogyakarta, on the Indonesian island of Java. Yogya-what? You mean Jakarta, right? Those were probably my exact words the first time someone told me about Yogyakarta a few years ago. My knowledge…

By Mindy November 30, 2018 3

Is my new side hustle worth it?

I’ve been researching side hustles for months and months, waiting to take action as soon as the right one came along. Well after all this time, I’ve finally got one! But is it a good one? I’m not quite sure…   Why do I want a side hustle? The first 3-6 months of my mini-retirement…

By Mindy November 27, 2018 6

Asia on the cheap: Philippines edition

Welcome to the fifth edition of Asia on the Cheap! After exploring the cooler climes of East Asia, we landed in the Philippines, and got smacked in the face with Southeast Asian humidity as soon as the plane door opened. The Philippines feels unique in the Southeast Asian region. The Spanish ruled for over 300…

By Mindy November 22, 2018 2