Month: November 2018

Asia on the Cheap: Taiwan Edition

Welcome to the third edition of Asia on the Cheap! After eating our way through Shanghai and Japan, we landed in Taiwan, a country that is often overlooked by tourists coming to Asia. This was our second trip to Taiwan; the first came back in 2014 when I took an earlier mini-retirement. Taiwan was an…

By Mindy November 9, 2018 4

October 2018 update – time rich, cash poor

Unbelievable that we’re moving into the last two years of the month! This whole year I’ve been planning and looking ahead to the end of 2018. Now that we’re almost there, I’m wondering where the year went, and where the next year will take me. But for now, let’s look back at the month of…

By Mindy November 5, 2018 8

Asia on the (not so) cheap – Japan edition

I gleefully named this travel series Asia on the Cheap, but as you can tell from the title of this post, our trip to Japan didn’t exactly fit into the cheap category. In fact the 16-day trip around Japan cost around one third of my total three-month travel budget – ouch!! But it was worth…

By Mindy November 1, 2018 4