Month: December 2018

Asia on the cheap: Singapore edition

Welcome to the 7th edition of Asia on the Cheap! Country #7 on this tour is one of my favourites in the region: Singapore. People are surprised when I say that I absolutely adore Singapore. The general impression of this tiny city-state is that it’s rather dull and sterile, and far too expensive compared to…

By Mindy December 8, 2018 0

November 2018 update: A broken passport!

The second month of the mini-retirement is done and dusted. November travels took me to Hong Kong, the Philippines, Yogyakarta, and Singapore, and gave me opportunities to catch up with friends and relatives. But it wasn’t all smooth sailing – my partner broke his passport! The month also got me thinking about entrepreneurship, and saw…

By Mindy December 3, 2018 4