The blog revolves around my passions and goals, which include saving and earning money, personal development, sustainability and social justice, and travel.

  • I write about the lessons I’ve learned (and am still learning), on the way to living life on my own terms.
  • I share the principles and tactics I use for living on less, without sacrificing quality of life.
  • I write about living abroad in Bangkok, and the places I travel.

Hi, I’m Mindy.

Back in late-2010, I took a leap and decided to leave the UK (or “Blighty” as us Brits endearingly refer to it), and move to South-East Asia.

It was meant to be a one-year breather from the rat race in London; exploring new cultures across the world, and delving into endless plates of amazing food before heading back home with tales of adventure.

But as soon as I found a job in Thailand (paying just £400 a month!), I started slowly settling in.

One year soon turned into eight, and I later found myself in Bangkok, working in the realm of social and economic justice.

These years have been incredible. I’ve had the opportunity to work with inspiring individuals and communities, and have learned to see the world through a different perspective.

Meanwhile, the career I had wanted in international development for so long had finally taken off.

But this career, despite being one that I’m passionate about, also came with limitations on my time and freedom.

It meant that explorations within Thailand or neighbouring countries had to be packed into long weekends, which is when everyone else is also scrambling to get away, and prices are higher.

It meant enduring a Bangkok commute, cramming into public transport with millions of other Bangkokians who have been told to get to work at the obligatory hour of 9am.

It meant taking just one trip back to the UK every 1-2 years, meaning I was missing out on important developments back home, including weddings, adorable new babies, and just hanging out with friends and family.


What had started off as an adventure had soon reverted to a fairly conventional life working a 9-5 (except with better weather).


Luckily, about five years ago, I found the rabbit-hole of financial independence (FI) books and blogs, and fell in deep.

Money had never been important to me before this point. But as a fan of unconventional life choices, sustainability, and anti-consumerism, a lot of the messaging in the FI community resonated with me.


I calculated my net worth, and realised that at the age of 30, despite having some type of job since I was 15, I had no money to my name.

In fact I had a negative net worth. How was this possible?


So I set about making amends: I started tracking my expenses religiously, paying off my student loans, and making contributions to my ISA and pension.

I attempted to save at least half of my salary each month (fortunately my salary did go up from £400 after a couple of years).

Five years later, while I’m hardly rich, I’m in a much better position.

I’ve almost paid off my student loan, and I have a positive net worth, investments, and cash set aside for a year-long mini-retirement.

I’ve quit my job, and a move back to Blighty (or somewhere in Europe) is on the cards.


But I’m not pursuing a traditional path to FI.


I don’t want to work for another 10-15 years to build up a nest egg that would see me through to an early retirement.

I want to live on my own terms now, even if that means unconventional choices along the way.

Having worked with people from different cultures, and often from disadvantaged backgrounds, I believe another way is possible.

I hope to share the lessons learned on this journey, and to connect with like-minded people.

Thanks for stopping by, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions!