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2018 Annual Review

As I write this, I’m listening to BBC Radio 2 with a nice hot mug of tea in hand. That’s right – I finally made it back to Blighty! It’s a good time to review a rather memorable year. On 1st January, I started off the year terribly hungover and not really knowing where 2018…

By Mindy December 21, 2018 5

Asia on the cheap: Malaysia edition

Hello and welcome to the penultimate edition of Asia on the Cheap! Yes, our backpacking adventure is soon coming to a close, and I’ll be back home eating mince pies in front of Eastenders before you know it. We’re slowing making our way back up to Bangkok overland, so that we can catch our flight…

By Mindy December 14, 2018 0

Asia on the cheap: Singapore edition

Welcome to the 7th edition of Asia on the Cheap! Country #7 on this tour is one of my favourites in the region: Singapore. People are surprised when I say that I absolutely adore Singapore. The general impression of this tiny city-state is that it’s rather dull and sterile, and far too expensive compared to…

By Mindy December 8, 2018 0