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February 2019 update – Life in the slow lane

February came and went in a flash, as it seems to do every year. I spent the month in a familiar part of Thailand, waking up to the smell of burnt sugar cane, cooler temperatures, and the sounds of roosters and dogs. Back when I lived here, I worked long hours for community organisations led…

By Mindy March 7, 2019 6

2018 Annual Review

As I write this, I’m listening to BBC Radio 2 with a nice hot mug of tea in hand. That’s right – I finally made it back to Blighty! It’s a good time to review a rather memorable year. On 1st January, I started off the year terribly hungover and not really knowing where 2018…

By Mindy December 21, 2018 5

November 2018 update: A broken passport!

The second month of the mini-retirement is done and dusted. November travels took me to Hong Kong, the Philippines, Yogyakarta, and Singapore, and gave me opportunities to catch up with friends and relatives. But it wasn’t all smooth sailing – my partner broke his passport! The month also got me thinking about entrepreneurship, and saw…

By Mindy December 3, 2018 4